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We are Authorised Distributor of Kitec pipe. KiTEC composite pipe is having an aluminium tube bonded with outer and inner PE layer by using special purpose adhesive. The tie layers are formed by this adhesive. Because of these tie layers, the pipe, when used for recommended operating temperature range of –40 to 95 degree C. , acts as a single component pipe and not as a multi-layer pipe. In case of braded hoses, the metallic reinforcement is provided to increase the structural strength of the hose. This reinforcement by itself can not withstand pressure. In case of KiTEC composite pipes, the aluminum tube is formed and welded online. This ensures that the aluminium tube functions as a pipe and increases the pressure withstanding property of the composite pipe. The increase in structural strength is also achieved as in case of braded hoses. Because of tie layers, PE layers and aluminium tube function as single component pipe for operating temperature range of –40 to 95 degree C.. This ensures that there is no differential expansion of PE layers and aluminium tube. The resultant expansion coefficient is very low and approx. same as that of copper pipe.

Inside surface of KiTEC composite pipe is very smooth. In addition to this, because of inherent properties of PE, there can not be any bonding between PE and the minerals. Hence the minerals, which are separated from the stagnant water, can not stick to the wall of the pipe. When the flow starts, the minerals are flown out of the piping system.

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