Diving Achievements

  • More than 150 Under water Videography Inspection carried out in lieu of dry docking / Ship sales, etc. under various Classification of Society.
  • Rescue Operation at decommissioned submarine INS Vagli at Chennai Port: Our team successfully entered into confined space filled with poisonous gas and saved a trapped man alive.
  • Permanent insert on Ship’s Hull using “COFFERDAM” Technology without Dry Docking.
  • Underwater Cable Laying and Burying for 200m from Shore 1 meter below the sea bed.
  • Retrieval of ships Anchor with 300 meters of chain and re-fixing back to the ship without the assistance of external crane at Chennai Port after Tsunami.
  • Using “DIAMOND CHAIN SAWING TECHNOLOGY” a damaged pile under the wharf of 1300mm diameter with steel liner of 10mm thick around 7 meter length of weight 22MT, at a depth of 12 meter was sliced at sea bed level and removed as a single piece.
  • Sinking, Live tracking and positioning of Intake / Outfall HDPE Pipe line of 1600 /750MM Dia and 1050 /1200 Meters Length for Metro water – Va Tech Wabag, 100 MLD Desalination plant at Nemili, Chennai.
  • The Underwater Inspection and videography of intake and Outfall pipe line carried out at Kattupalli Desalination plant for BEFESA

“Cofferdam” Technology For Avoiding Dry Docking

Replacing Ship’s Shell plate (1 X 1 Mtr Permanent Insert) at a depth of 5mtr, using COFFERDAM TECHNOLOGY by avoiding the Dry Docking with IRS Class Approval.


Anchor Chain Retrival

The 300 mtrs length of chain with 8.5 tons of anchor was traced, retreived & re fixed on to the ship (DON FRANE BULICK) without the assistance of external crane at Chennai port.


Under Water Pipe Laying

Picture3 Picture4

Alignment of Intake & Outfall Pipeline Laying Using DGPS Live Tracking  – Nemmeli Desalination Plant


Under Water Pile Cutting

Using “DIAMOND CHAIN SAWING TECHNOLOGY “a damaged pile under the wharf, 1300mm dia with steel liner of 10mm thick around 7mtr length of weight 22MT, at a depth of 12 mtr was sliced at the sea bed level and removed as a single piece.


Underwater Core Drilling – Atomic Power Plant

Core drilling at a depth of 7 mtrs on structure with outer 10mm thick steel liner, 8” thick concrete in the middle and inner 8mm thick steel liner, four holes of size 4” diameter were drilled o the periphery of the structure.

Picture10 Picture11

Tyco – Vsnl Underwater  Fiber Optic Cable Laying

The cable laying vessel “CS TYCO DURABLE” was anchored about 1500mtrs away from shore. The optic fiber cable was towed, floated, sunk and buried 1mtr underneath the sea bed.The job involves allignment of cable before sinking using live tracking DGPS System with mapping …


Underwater Mud Lifting / De-silting at Gudur Power plant

Sea Water Intake forebay, filterscreen and tank areas

Picture13 Picture14