Diving Services Offered

We introduce ourselves as a company with diversified service activities for Subsea Engineering (DIVING) Services.

  • divUnder Water LIVE CCTV Videography of Ships For classification purpose
  • Underwater Still Photograph and Videos of Ships and Submerged objects
  • Vessel/Ship Rudder Pintle clearance and Propeller Shaft Wear down Clearances.
  • Vessel/Ship Sea Chest and Overboard Valve Blanking and Unblanking
  • Underwater Cold Repair for Hull cracks, holes and dents etc.
  • Removal of Fishing Net / ropes / Tyre Fender from the Propellers
  • Underwater Thickness gauging Measurement ( UW UTG / NDT )
  • Underwater Welding and Cutting
  • Hydraulic Hull Cleaning Services
  • Hydraulic Propeller Polishing
  • Permanent hull insert Repair in Floating Condition without Dry Docking Using “COFFERDAM” Technology
  • Diving Support for Docking and Undocking for Small Crafts/Tugs and Vessels.

Power Plants / De-salination plants and Offshore Intake – Diving Work

div1NIREEKSHAN is the premier in providing underwater services to the commercial power industry. As the first commercial diving company to specialize in services to Thermal, Hydro and nuclear plants, NIREEKSHAN has set a standard for safety, reliability and cost-effectiveness which the industry has come to expect.3

NIREEKSHAN provides a comprehensive selection of services including underwater inspection, maintenance and remedial work for Intake and discharge systems, Pumps, Traveling water screens, Cooling towers, Storage tanks, Pier and pile restoration, Maintenance, repair and replacement of traveling water screens, Maintenance dredging of intakes and discharge systems, Inspection services, Contaminated water diving, Underwater welding and Cutting and Concrete repair

div2Our secondary-side diving services include:

  • Diving Support for Pipe laying, Diffuser Installation
  • Sea Water Intake Well Inspection and Cleaning
  • Sea Water Intake Fore bay Area Cleaning and D-silting
  • Sea Water Pipeline Inspection and Cleaning
  • Sea Water Intake Filter screen and Gratings Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Sea Water Storage Sump Inspection and Cleaning
  • Sludge / Slurry Removal
  • Repairs & cleaning of Gate grooves, Stop log gate, etc
  • Underwater Still Photographs and Videos
  • Underwater corrosion resistant Epoxy coating, Grouting, Reinforcing & Concreting
  • Annual & Periodic survey, maintenance & repairs

div3Offshore diving is a branch of commercial diving. The work in this area of the industry typically revolves around the maintenance of Offshore platforms, building of underwater structures used in the production process, installation, NDT survey, CCTV inspection & survey, general inspection, etc.

The offshore diving is carried out as per U.S. Navy & IMCA standard diving procedures. Company has a separate section of Offshore Diving to carry out all types of inspection, maintenance & repairs to vessels & underwater structures by minimizing the risk factor and maximizing the quality output.

  • div4Underwater Inspection, Maintenance & Repairs of Offshore structures
  • SPM ( Single Point Mooring)– maintenance and repair
  • IN-SITU dry docking
  • Diving work at Atomic power plants
  • Diving Support for Pipe laying, Diffuser Installation
  • Underwater PLEM Inspection for Chemical Plants
  • Mooring Buoy Installation and Maintenance


  • Pile Cutting using Diamond Chain Saw Method at the Sea Bed level
  • Underwater Core drilling
  • Wharf, Pile inspection by ‘NDT’
  • Rejuvenation of damaged Wharf, piles by “Pressure Grouting”
  • Bathymetry / Depth measurement Survey.
  • Dredging Abreast Wharf area
  • Underwater CP Test for the Concrete Structures

div6Marine salvage is the process of recovering a ship, its cargo, or other property after a shipwreck or other maritime casualty. Salvage may encompass towing, re-floating a sunken or grounded vessel, or patching or repairing a ship. Today, protecting the environment from cargoes such as oil or other contaminants is often considered a high priority.

  • Refloating of grounded vessel
  • Search, retrieval and re-fixing of detached and drowned anchor with chain.
  • Retrieval of Sunken Truck ( 20T) from the Port Wharf.
  • Retrieval of Sunken Buoy
  • Retrieval of Concrete Structures.


  • Sludge / Slurry Removal
  • Sea Water Intake Well Cleaning
  • Pipeline / Filter screen / Gratings / Sump Cleaning


  • Floating Booms, skimmers, suction pumps pontoons – design and supply
  • Repair and maintenance of equipments


  • Intake and Outfall Pipeline Laying for Thermal Power plants and De salination Plants
  • Underwater Repair and maintenance of Pipelines
  • Geo Textile wrapping for Underwater Pipelines
  • Fixing of Pipeline into Exact Trench in Underwater.
  • Chemical Diffuser pipeline Installations and maintenance.