Marine Survey

ship1Marine Survey is an inspection of a vessel to determine its overall condition that day of the inspection. The marine survey should be comprehensive, thorough, and cover all systems in the boat as well as structure, cosmetic condition,  include findings and recommendations, and valuation. If you’re  intending to invest several thousand of your hard-earned dollars in purchasing a boat, a marine survey may be the least expensive and most valuable tool you have to assist you in that purchase.

Ship Survey

Ship Survey is surveying the hull, safety and operational surveys and incident and accident investigation. It consits of

  • Drafts Survey (For All Types of Vessels)ship2
  • Hold Inspection
  • Tanker Survey (Ullage, Sounding, Sampling)
  • General Cargo Survey
  • On /Off – Hire Bunker & Condition
  • Project / Break‐Bulk Survey
  • P & I Inspection
  • Stockpile Measurement of Coal/Iron Ore/Any Other Bulk Cargo Stowed in Mounted Heaps Using Laser Technology
  • Survey for Third Party Damages / Crane Performance

Container Inspection

We have a highly skilled and proficient container inspection team that are fully trained in the latest inspection techniques and in accordance with International standards

  • container1Empty Container Inspection
  • Joint Survey
  • On / Off Hire Survey
  • Cargo Condition Survey
  • Pre‐Dispatch Survey
  • Cargo Stuffing and De-stuffing Survey
  • Lashing
  • Granite Stuffing
  • ODC Measurement Planning
  • CFS & Ware House Management